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Mission of United Way of West Alabama

The mission of United Way of West Alabama is to promote the general welfare of the citizens of West Alabama by:

  1. Raising funds, on an annual basis, to assist the effective delivery of health and human care programs and services,
  2. Allocating funds raised on a fair and equitable basis according to the priority needs of the community,
  3. Monitoring the expenditures of United Way funds to assure they are used effectively,
  4. Considering the funding of additional programs and services, when appropriate, and
  5. Assisting, whenever needed, in the implementation of new efforts to meet emerging community needs.

Vision of United Way of West Alabama

United Way of West Alabama (UWWA) seeks to continually improve the quality of life for area residents by funding effective programs and services throughout the West Alabama community.  United Way creates opportunities by focusing on the building blocks for a good life – Education, Income/Financial Stability, & Health.  United Way is helping children and youth achieve their potential through education, helping families become financially stable and independent, improving people’s health, and responding to emergency and disaster needs.

Interesting Facts About United Way of West Alabama

  • In 2014, approximately 80 cents of every UWWA dollar raised was directly distributed to agency and initiative programs.
  • More than 80 volunteers carefully reviewed requests for assistance from United Way agencies and distributed funds based on program needs.
  • More than 2000,000 people in West Alabama benefited from or used the services of UWWA partner service agencies in 2014.
  • If every person in the West Alabama area gave one dollar a week, UWWA could raise over $17,000,000 in 2015.