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The West Alabama Young Leaders of the Year Awards are presented by United Way of West Alabama’s Young Leaders Society and highlight individuals ages 21-45 who have improved the quality of life in West Alabama through volunteerism, community service, corporate stewardship or government advocacy. The Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding young leaders residing and working in West Alabama who are making a positive community impact.


David Reynolds Inspiration Award

2019- David R. Pass
2018- Thomas Powe
2017- Max Karrh
2016- Eric Heslop

United in Service Awards

2019- Bryan Groeschell
2019- Dr. Monte Linebarger
2019- Angela Martin
2019- Whitni Molden
2019- Ryan Stallings
2018- Jheovanny Gomez
2018- Chris Gunter
2018- Caroline Williams
2018- JacQuan Winters
2017- Matt Hood
2017- Derek Osborn
2017- Samuel Paster
2017- Patricia Parnell Powe
2016- Chris Brubeck
2016- Patrick Hamner
2016- Anna Johnson
2016- Rodney Pelt, Sr.