Preschool - K Teacher

Arts 'n Autism

This job requires a functioning knowledge of Autism and how it effects individuals with an emphasis on strategies designed to help support learning in the classroom. The ILEAP lead teacher position also needs an individual who is good at communicating with parents, other staff, therapists and administration. A general knowledge of basic computer skills such as Microsoft Word and Mac pages, Gmail, Google Drive and Board Maker are also a necessity. Someone interested in working this job needs to be able to lift up to 60 Lbs or the equivalent of a small to moderate sized child, be able to run, climb stairs and sit or get up from the floor and change diapers. S

Requirements: Educational requirements include a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education, Speech Pathology, or special Education is required. A Master's degree would be preferred but not required.

Hours: (M-R 8:30-1:30 Early Intervention Classroom and M-R 2:30-5:30 Pre-K- 1st grade after school classroom). The position follows the school year calendar, plus summer camps.

Currently the position does not include health insurance benefits.

If interested, you may submit your resume to: