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The State Combined Campaign will begin in September and is designed to allow state employees to give to recognized local and/or statewide charities.  Alabama law emphasizes local control to help ensure the campaign meets needs where state employees work and live.

Charitable agencies desiring to participate in the 2019 State Combined Campaign should contact Laura Green at 205-345-6640 or laura@uwwa.org for application instructions or visit statecombinedcampaign.org.  Questions concerning federation/agency eligibility should also be referred to the above point of contact.

2019 State Combined Application: http://www.statecombinedcampaign.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/2019-State-Combined-Campaign-application-for-participation.docx

2019 State Combined Application for Federations:

2019 State Combined Application Enclosures: