Support Coordinator

POSTION: Support Coordinator 1
STATUS: Non-Exempt
REPORTS TO: Support Coordinator Supervisor

Primary Job Responsibility
This is a highly responsible, professional position involving the provision of Support Coordination (SC) services. This includes coordination, supporting individuals who receive waiver services and or SC only and monitoring of community services to individual with intellectual disabilities/developmental disabilities as defined by the Alabama Department of Mental Health Developmental Disabilities Division (DMH-DDD).

SC activities are performed in a variety of settings and involves interaction with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families, generic and specialized service providers, public/governmental agencies, and the general public. Services and supports accessed and monitored by SC are based on a plan which reflects the assessed capacities, needs, preferences, and choices of the individual and is developed in collaboration with family, other agencies and service providers. SC are employed by agencies/organizations, which are separate and independent of programs/organizations providing direct services to the individual with intellectual disabilities. The Support Coordinator focuses on accessing services and supports which would lead to a satisfying and inclusive community life-style as possible. It shall be the Director of Program Services and Support Coordination supervisor's responsibility to ensure that the Support Coordinator follow the person-centered approach.

Essential Functions/Duties:
- Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and efficiently orally and in writing.
- Demonstrated ability to document activities and maintain records.
- Demonstrated ability and willingness to perform service coordination/SC activities in ethnic, cultural, and social environment in which the individual resides and interacts.
- Ability and willingness to develop skills in computer usage, operation of calculator, telephone, fax machine, and copying machine.
- Valid Alabama Driver's License and Alabama licensed vehicle with minimum limits of liability insurance or access to provision of such transportation requirements, and willingness to utilize such transportation in the completion of duties.
- Must be able to sit at a desk or stand at an assigned location and work continuously for extended periods of time.
- Ability to adhere to AAWA's policies and procedures as well as familiarity with minimum standards of the Department of Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities.
- Meet and Maintain AAWA Basic Assurance Standards

AAWA has the following goals in order to maintain individual records in compliance with applicable standards in order to provide overall quality services and to maintain two-year certification.

1. 95% of the individuals served plans of care and person centered plans or SC plans are reviewed and initialed every 90 days.
2. 95% of individuals served records will provide documentation of face-to-face contact every 90 days.
3. 95% of individuals served records will provide documentation of face-to-face contact in the family or residential setting every 90 days.
4. 95% of individuals served records will provide evidence of SC objective implementation
5. Provision of a minimum of 56 hours of billable services annually to each individual supported
6. Provides an average of 6 hours of billable supports daily

Minimum Credentials, Experience, and Knowledge
1. Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, preferably in the human service field or qualified as a Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional
2. Possession of or eligibility for licensure if required for the particular discipline
3. Training in a service coordination/SC curriculum provided or approved by the Alabama Department of Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities and the Alabama Medicaid Agency.

Desired Knowledge/Skills/Abilities:
1. Knowledge of the needs and characteristics of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
2. Knowledge of the impact of intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities on the family and on the lifestyle of the individual and family.
3. Knowledge of the principles of person centered service approaches.
4. Knowledge of the techniques and principles of communicating effectively with individuals and families.
5. Knowledge of ethnic and cultural values and beliefs.
6. Knowledge of generic and specialized services, resources, and supports which might be beneficial to individuals with intellectual disabilities.
7. Knowledge of the legal and ethical issues related to confidentiality of client information/records.
8. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with individuals, families, public agencies, and service providers.

Other/Desired Functions:
1. Assist Medicaid-eligible in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services.
2. Facilitation the development of Person Centered Plans for supports and services for individuals
3. Providing or coordinating the provision of at least the following direct SC activities to adults with intellectual disabilities
Needs assessment, including a written comprehensive assessment of the individual's strengths, weaknesses, needs and desires.
Case planning, including facilitation and participation in the development review and implementation of the Plan of Care within appropriate time frames.
Service arrangement, including assisting the individual in identifying necessary services and supports and in linking the individual with needed services/resources as identified in the Plan of Care.

Social support, including assisting the individual in expanding or establishing a social support network through linkage with appropriate persons, support groups and/or agencies.

Reassessment/follow-up, including evaluating progress toward accomplishing objectives, specified in the Plan of Care at quarterly intervals, contacting agencies/programs providing services to the individual in order to evaluate progress/effectiveness of services provided, documenting objectives/progress and in participating in any revisions needed in the Plan of Care.

Monitoring, including determining (on an ongoing basis) what services have been provided and whether they are adequate to meet the individual's needs and documenting needs, referrals and outcomes.

4. Leading the Person Centered Planning meeting and other meetings as required.
5. Completing necessary documentation as required for maintenance of the individual's service coordination/SC record as well as for accountability in billing purposes.
6. Preparing narrative and statistical reports as may be required by DMH/DDD.
7. Attending workshops and conferences required by DMH/DDD for best practice in-service coordination/SC and intellectual disabilities.

Required Personal Philosophy:
Must be willing to adhere to the organization's Mission Statement that is "to positively affect the quality of life for persons with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities by helping ensure that appropriate and quality services are available and accessible throughout their life span. Ability Alliance of West Alabama, expects that all services will ensure full participation in all life experiences through a person centered approach that is creative and responsive to the individual's and family's needs."

Hiring Range:
The salary: $27,500 for First 3 months unless currently employed as a DD SC in Alabama
After successful completion of training: $30, 014.40-38,120.46

  • Benefits includes health insurance
  • Paid SL upon Employment
  • AL after six months of employment
  • Holidays based on board approval

This position be contracted with an LLC or sole proprietorship and will be exempt from any benefits offered by AAWA.