Donation Allocation

Who decides how much money each agency should receive?

Each individual agency, through its Board of Directors, prepares its annual budget of income and expenses. Each budget is reviewed and analyzed by United Way of West Alabama's Volunteer Allocation Team (VAT) which is made up of a diverse group of volunteers from the community. The VAT tours the agencies and gathers information about the programs and services provided. After carefully considering the priority needs of the community, the committee makes recommendations about agency funding to the United Way Board of Directors. This process allows community input into how funding decisions are made for agencies in the West Alabama area. A network of checks and balances is created by the continuous monitoring of the agencies receiving funding so that the United Way can be accountable for your contributions and funding decisions.

Why do some agencies get more than others?

Allocations to agencies are determined by the needs of the community and the programs agencies conduct to meet those needs. Both needs and programs are under constant study to insure that programs meeting priority needs are well matched with funding. Allocations are made each year on the basis of the best available information.