What will your legacy be?

One of the most powerful ways to support the vulnerable in our community for years to come is through a gift in your will. Thanks to some friends of United Way of West Alabama, you can now make a will in less than 25 minutes, completely free to you.

A will is important for everyone and can be useful regardless of estate size. We have partnered with FreeWill to give you a free, intuitive way to write or update your will at no cost. Many will-makers choose to leave a portion of their estate to United Way of West Alabama to continue to strengthen the education, financial stability, and health of every person in our community for generations to come. We hope you’ll consider doing the same.


FreeWill is a free tool to you whether you choose to include a gift to United Way of West Alabama or not.

This complimentary service takes approximately 20 minutes and allows you to create your full legal will before you see a lawyer. Make changes to your will at any time.


  1. Visit FreeWill.com/UnitedWay to start writing your will, or update your current will by creating a new one.
  2. Leave a lasting legacy by choosing to leave a gift to United Way of West Alabama or another charitable organization by using the drop down menu.
  3. Sign your will with two witnesses.
  4. If preferred, utilize FreeWill’s tool to document your wishes and find an attorney near you.


If you are at least 70.5 years old and have a Traditional IRA, then you’re eligible to make a tax-free donation directly from your IRA, also known as a Qualified Charitable Donation (QCD). The year you turn 70.5, Traditional IRA holders must withdraw a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).

You can satisfy your RMD requirement with tax-free QCD to United Way of West Alabama.


Contact United Way of West Alabama at freewill@uwwa.org or 205.345.6640.


We understand that online estate planning isn’t suitable for everyone. If your estate has complex needs, we encourage you to seek legal counsel. As you answer questions on FreeWill, it points out where an attorney may be a better fit. The Alabama Bar Association (1-800-392-5660) can refer you to a local estate attorney at your expense.